Literature teacher

Monica's ideas have entered in my last three houses. Why? Because she and space have a secret deal. The space whispers to her ear as soon as she makes her appearance, what it needs to look: what colors, what furniture, textures, details ... And where. And how. And, above all, where you don't have to put anything !!!

Monica is practical, fast, professional, and soooo intuitive. Investing in her advice I have saved time, money and energy. And I've always won beauty. Thank you Monica!



Psychologist and founder of Aula Gestalt

For me the most important thing about working with Monica was that she accompanied me to express my desire. He knew how to put me in touch with what I really like, without trying to take me to her field, developing her proposals from there and guessing my taste with them.

I felt calm throughout the process knowing that she was present with her resolute ability and her versatility. She advised me as much in architecture as in aesthetics and practicality. I emphasize her firmness in knowing what is good for the reform and for me, in two occasions where I resisted and was accurate. I value her solutions simple, functional, beautiful, practical, unique, eclectic, made with original materials and of course, the artistic touch in all of it.

I did well spending more seeing the good result. Now I have a very beautiful space. The experience also helped me to develop my own aesthetic capacity and translate it into other spaces that I inhabit.



Humanista therapist

I have been working with Monica on many occasions. He has decorated my office and my house and helped me to realize my personal image. At the beggining it was difficult to hire her, because I'm used to doing everything myself and I thought that way I saved money. Over time I have realized this is the other way around. Make a mistake in choosing the bathroom tiles, the color of the living room, or a winter coat, is not the end of the world, but it is an embarrassment, which sometimes I can not solve even at the second attempt, and of course it gets more expensive. Now I totally know, when I do not want to make a mistake, I call Monica.

Personally I love his style, sober, elegant, without additives. She helped me to turn the spaces I live in comfortable and welcoming places where I like to be and to project the professional image of seriousness and closeness that I wanted to give. She has taught me that the value of my image is in what I am, not in the clothes I wear, and she has helped me to find a style that exalts what I am.



Businessman and winemaker

Three years ago I started a new life, with a new space to live. I wanted to build a home and I needed a professional. I met Monica casually and talking about her work, I got her passion and that called my curiosity. A few days later, I contacted her and she took care of the house and the terrace.

The result was excellent, fantastic, unbeatable. I Got exactly what I wanted and covering all my needs. Collaborating with Monica to create my spaces is pleasant and I can say a kind of exciting. If I give her freedom, she is a box of surprises, because she seeks all the best for me for feeling good. Her simplicity and at the same time professionalism guarantees comfortable spaces and very practical. The best, her creativity !!!!

And it's not all over, this summer we have made the integral reform of my summer home in Port de la Selva, achieving a magnificent result, transforming the house completely and getting much more space. Ah ...! And I am also a client of his pieces of art. Thanks Monica.



Photographer and owner of space coworking

I have a co-working studio and I called Monica to refresh it with a "SOFA with VIEWS" visit because the business was stalling.

During the visit we threw away the useless tackle, harmonized the colors of the walls and moved the furniture to create new atmospheres. The result was spectacular, it was practical, beautiful, simple, it pleased just going for working, and this sensation moved the energy in such a way, that a month after making the changes, the study flourished. Much more than I expected from the visit.

Months later, I contracted her to solve some spaces in my house and the result was also very satisfactory. Highly recommended the consueling of Monica "SOFA WITH VIEWS".



Writer and coach

I was needing a change at home and then Monica showed up. Knowing her and her way of working has greatly improved my life.

The practicality that I need for my tetraplegia, has been compensated with the warmth that distills my whole house. Above all I have won in space to roll with the wheee chair freely for every corner of my home ... Accessibility, freedom, joy, color, balance, authenticity, originality, are some of the qualities that I can now enjoy at home. And of course her artistic touch.

With an immaculate way of doing everything and a very professional team of collaborators. Monica is all passion and enthusiasm and that is reflected in the result of the work.



Businessman, founder of Labrand, brand psychology

We bought a loft in an old factory from 1880 in Poble Nou. So we find a space of 95m2, plus 30m2 of terrace and 6.5mts of height. A space full of history still cold, we not only needed to decorate, we wanted fill it with a part of our soul. And then we called Monica.

Respect for the space, affection in the project, quality in its execution, empathy and consideration with the owners. Vision. Love. And so we find our home. Nice, practical, modern and urban. And what's more: warm, comfortable, natural, simple, placid, intimate ... Full of emotion, made to our measure for a price more than reasonable. A space with a part of our soul as we wanted.




I contacted Monica for her "SOFA with VIEWS" counseling because I was needing a change in my home. Monica helped me to take the big step for leting go the superfluous things, which overwhelmed me, emptying the space for having more place for new things. Applying this to my house, changes also appeared in my life.

During her visit home, Monica gave a new distribution to the living room and changed the lighting, just moving furniture and lamps. He recommend me about the colors of the walls and gave life to my room. We eliminate everything superfluous and leave the essential. The result was great, a beautiful home, practical, the one I need and where I want to BE. Now my sons spend a lot more time enjoying the family in the living room.

Following the changes, I went to her workshop "BEAUTY with SOUL". Monica guided me for acknowledging my beauty and the best way to get the best of me, with what favors me, without betraying my essence.

One year after these changes, I love to look around and see that what I see is what I want to see and express. Many thanks, Monica.



Psychologist and psychotherapist

We bought the house where we live in 2003, at first we were delighted and when the family grew up we began to feel uncomfortable. We tried many times to solve it changing distribution, furniture, painting ... but the more we did, the more uncomfortable we felt, also with the sensación of being wasting time and money. One day we were at a friend's house and we felt so calm, in harmony, then we asked him how he had managed to create such a warm atmosphere. And he told us about Monica. When she came into our house, she felt the same way we did. From there we shared sensations, desires ... And she gave us her ideas. We threw down walls and opened spaces that allowed the energy of the house to flow, and at the same time created more welcoming spaces that have become places of family attraction, rest, reading and conversation.

For us Monica is an aesthetic reference, a guide, an expert company, and in the end, as a result of all the aesthetic-emotional process experienced, she has also become a friend. Thanks Monica..